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Tammy’s Top Ten Tips for Wearing Wigs Well

Wig Position

The front hairline of the wig should be placed around three to four fingers above the eyebrows – the most natural position for a hairline.  Anything less than three or four fingers will present an unnatural look which will lead people to wonder if you are wearing a wig.  I used to always wear them too low and they just looked wrong.

Lace front Wigs

Wear wigs with a lace front – we stock the world’s most realistic lace front wigs that are undetectable as wigs.

Human Hair Wigs Or Synthetic?

If the budget can stretch, do yourself a favour and buy human hair.  Human hair wigs are the closest to your own hair and make a pretty crap experience just a bit better as they feel and behave like human hair.  When you have hair that feels and looks like your own, your confidence will return as will your capability to do every day and deal with your condition, disease or treatment. Synthetic are great and realistic alternatives – not the real deal but I spent most of my life wearing them and our synthetic wigs are the most realistic available.

Human Hair Maintenance

If you have a human hair wig, if possible, have a hairdresser maintain it – the finish is unlike most people can achieve themselves (We have a hairdressing service available – fortnightly, monthly or occasional).  As much as our wigs are the highest of quality and the most realistic in appearance, wigs are still an unnatural thing for us to wear and take a lot of getting used to.  Unless they are looked after well and behaving naturally our confidence will not be what it can be when a well maintained wig makes you feel like you have your own hair.

How Many Wigs?

You should have at least two wigs – if your preference is human hair, we advise that you have two human hair and one synthetic.  When walking or running it is good to wear synthetic - or if you live or holiday in a humid climate.  If you prefer synthetic – have two and perhaps wear one to work and leave one for the weekend.

Wearing Wigs to Bed?

When women lose their hair one of the most severe losses is that of their femininity. Many women choose to wear their wigs to bed because of this – if you do, please wear a synthetic wig.  I never go without something on my head so for bed I wear our bamboo Softie Caps.

Eyelashes, Eyebrows?

The most important item in my makeup bag is my eyeliner.  Ever since I was 15 I have worn eyeliner on my top and bottom eyelids all day every day.  I apply a lot of it and people don’t realise that I don’t have eyelashes.  Eight years ago my husband gave me a voucher to have my eyelids and my eyebrows tattooed.  It was one of the best things I have ever done however I have never gone back to have them re done so I just continue to use make up to darken/enhance them.  I recommend at very least having your eyebrows tattooed.

Sun Protection

I have just, for the first time I think, experienced sun burn on my bald head!  I noticed this quite thin line going from my slightly burnt face to the crown of my head and realised it was sun burn from my parting hair line in my wig.  I used to think I was lucky that I never needed to wear a hat as my wig always covered my head but this holiday break proved that wrong.  My tip is if the UV rating is high put some natural Zinc sunscreen on your head before you put your wig on or do wear a hat.


You can wear a human hair wig to the beach but rather than worry about getting sunscreen in it, sweating in it or getting it wet in the water and needing to wash and restyle it, I find it’s often easier and stress free to wear a synthetic – then it will just dry itself.  Whatever you do try not to go swimming in wigs.  It’s ok if you just go in up to your shoulders and get the ends wet but if you want a real swim – a swimming cap is the best solution – regardless of what you look like!  I once missed out on snorkelling with my family around the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand because of my wig.  Later I swore that would never happen again so when I went snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef I took my wig off and replaced it for a swimming cap so that I could truly relax and enjoy the beautiful experience.


As I mentioned before when women lose their hair, they lose part of their identity and most of their femininity. Confidence is depleted as they go about their day to day activities such as working, shopping, socialising – feeling as though everybody can tell that they are now wearing a wig, feeling lesser of a woman than when they had hair. Every advertising campaign featuring beauty products, and every model who demonstrates their physical beauty reinforces the importance hair has for sexual attraction.  So it is completely understandable that sexual relationships are often impacted by the feeling of being less attractive to their partner – that is mostly unfounded from the partner’s perspective however it is a very real fear held by the woman, who is now without hair.  Wearing a wig to bed often reduces the anxiety around this issue.

I hope you find these brief tips useful – if you would like a consult with me we can explore any one of these or anything else hairloss, wigs, toppers related.

Tammy x