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As a provider of cranial prosthetics, Tammy Lobato Wigs & Hairloss Centre will continue to operate within a strict and limited capacity.

We are now available for private consultations only by appointment on select days and will also be offering online personalised consultations (information will be available on the website & facebook page soon).

Enquiries and bookings can be made through our website www.tammylobatowigs.com.au email to info@tammylobatowigs.com.au and by text message to Tammy on 0408 722 380.

We are also continuing our wig maintenance service by offering a fortnightly, appointment-only service that will see one client per hour deliver their hair piece in their wig box, have it washed and styled on a sanitized mannequin and then returned to the client in the box. 

These services will only be available at our Berwick salon (Heidelberg will be temporarily closed however if you are in urgent need of a wig/hair piece and you can't get to Berwick please discuss this with us).

Take care,

Tammy & Tammy xx


About Tammy Lobato Wigs

From her lifetime without hair, Tammy provides the experience people without hair need - as do her staff who also have hairloss experience. We provide high quality, realistic wigs and toppers while providing care and compassion in a private boutique. Then we back it up with ongoing service, advice and maintenance service.

Tammy Lobato Wigs was created to provide for a gap that existed in the alternative hair market. For more than 40 years Tammy had been searching for realistic and high quality wigs. The constant search was futile but more importantly she couldn't find anyone selling the wigs to provide her with the level of service she wanted and needed. No-one provided the compassion and care she felt she needed.

Having the Auto-Immune diesease, Alopecia since she was 3, resulted in her having no hair for the next 40 plus years. She really felt that she deserved better than receiving her new fake-looking, shiny wig shoved in a brown paper bag by a salesperson with no experience with hairloss. She often overheard conversations between those undertaking chemo and the salespeople and felt the emptiness that resulted from the client desperate for someone to empathise with their sudden and traumatic hairloss that would now define them as a cancer patient.

So she created the environment and experience she always wanted.

More about Tammy’s Experience

Client Experience

I just wanted to say a huge "thank you" to Tammy for the empowering experience and exceptional support my husband and I received when attending her bespoke salon. Tammy is gentle, caring, understanding and has first hand experience, which are just a few of the traits that make her service exceptional. With great attention to detail, a great ear to listen to and facilitating a purchase within your budget. Tammy was able to help me find what was not only a gorgeous wig, but was able to help me feel better about myself and feeling more comfortable about wearing not just a wig, but my new hair. She ensured that I knew how to care for my wig to get the most out of it and is available for ongoing support…. I wouldn't go anywhere else and I would highly recommend to others to not go anywhere else either… Thanks Tammy xx

Kellie - January 2020

Tammy is a kind, compassionate person who knows what she is talking about. Her own life experiences influence the business she runs; her wigs are beautiful and with her experience, she is able to match you to the right alternative hair. I will always be grateful for her kindness and professional advice.

Vicki - June 2019

Yesterday I had an appointment with Tammy and she was amazing, her knowledge and expertise on what can be a very sensitive and confronting situation was fun and enjoyable and her wigs are of the highest quality with so many options

Megan - March 2019

Our Full Range of Services

  • High quality, realistic Wigs & Toppers For Hairloss
  • Human Hair Wigs, Hair Toppers and Synthetic Wigs
  • Hair Systems
  • Men's Hair Replacement Systems
  • Care & Compassion by Consultants with hair loss
  • Free, private head shaves for people undergoing chemo 
  • Wig Maintenance by qualified Hairdresser
  • Wig Refurbishment Service provided at cost price
  • Hairloss Treatment for female and male hairloss - Proven Natural, holistic, nutritional supplement treatment program 
  • Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine 
  • Friendship & Support Groups for Alopecia and Cancer
  • Books/Information resources
  • Links/referrals
  • General lifestyle, health and wellbeing services

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