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Hair Thinning

Most of the time, STRESS is responsible and the rest of the time, it’s genetics.

Since Covid19 began, we have seen a significant increase in presentations of unexplained hairloss.

Actually the client thinks it’s unexplained but after we finish our enquiries and analysis, the hairloss has often either started at the time of Covid or become exacerbated by it.  The more significant the client’s impact from Covid is, ie. Loss of income, home schooling children, domestic partner pressures – the more severe or rapid the hairloss.  Contracting the virus itself can cause hairloss.

There is actually a specific type of hairloss that presents as a result of severe trauma – psychological or physical trauma called Telogen Effluviam.  Clients often experience Telogen Effluviam after the death of a loved one, family violence, eating disorders etc.  The hairloss can often occur three to six months or so after the traumatic experience so often the client doesn’t relate the two.  Telogen Effluviam most often results in slight to significant amount of hairloss however sometimes, in complete hairloss.  A relief to those with the condition, is that in most instances the hair grows back, usually within a year.

Also a relief is the fact that we have several solutions available to our clients to get them through until their hair grows back.  The most common are our Toppers.  Our clip in toppers cover up patches of hairloss or thinning and also create more volume if thinning is all over the head.  Toppers come in a large variety of styles, sizes, lengths, colours and density. They are available in synthetic or human hair fibre, are light weight and very easy to put on.  The clip in method of application means that clients can wear them when they need or want – some women wear them just to go to work and take them off when they get home and some wear them just to go out.

If the hairloss is so significant that a Topper will not be sufficient, we supply the most realistic full system wigs available.  I wear our SmartLace Human Hair Wigs full time for full baldness and most people don’t people it when I tell them I wear wigs – for all levels of hairloss we have solutions for you.

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