Bonded Toppers for Women

Lifechanging! is how our women describe the result of their bonded toppers and going by the before and after photos below, we can understand just how significantly their lives will change for the better.  Hair thinning is so very common - often a result of stress, genetics, age and hormones, also nutritional deficiencies.  Hair thinning impacts day to day living detrimentally creating more stress from;

constantly observing the thinning to the point of obsessiveness,

worrying about who can notice the thinning,

deciding where to stand so that the light won't capture thinning areas or patches,

saying no to invitations from friends

and one of the worst impacts is economic participation impact - not seeking or not obtaining particular employment opportunities because of the condition of your hair or in one case, we had a client who before coming to us, felt compelled to resign from her role because the stress of worrying about what she looked like and what people thought of her thinning was too stressful for her to remain.

Some of our clients who choose Bonded Toppers have general all over hair thinning, some have surgical scars, others have Trichotillomania or Frontal Alopecia. 

From our discussions during our consultation with you, we will understand if bonded toppers are the appropriate solution for your lifestyle.

thinning hair topper
thinning hair topper - top view
Teenager before and after topper
receding hairline womens topper
receding hairline womens topper