Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

Our SmartLace Real Hair Collection offers the most innovative human hair lace front wigs on the market with the highest grade human hair available.  

The quality of each SmartLace Human Hair wig is unsurpassed.  Due to their hand-crafted construction, all human hair lace front wigs have true to life shape and long-lasting comfort.  Featuring a range of blended and exclusive colours, these human hair wigs offer maximum styling versatility which means you can:

  • straighten
  • curl
  • cut
  • colour
  • part
  • braid 
  • highlight for the exact look you want.  

The SmartLace Human Hair Wig Collection revolutionises the look and feel of wearing real hair wigs and provides the closest alternative possible to having your own hair.


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Human Hair Wig Collection