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Human Hair Wigs

Our undetectable lace front human hair wigs look, feel and behave as biological hair. Made with human hair only from the best sources, our wigs help you experience confidence and live life normally. Feel safe and understood by a consultant with their own hairloss experience.

Providing the world’s highest quality human hair wigs

From her own experience with a lifetime of hair loss searching for quality products and quality service, Tammy Lobato ensures her clients are truly valued.  

Our ongoing client relationships, quality of hair replacement products, and personal commitment to helping your hair loss, allows the best experience possible wearing wigs or toppers.

Consultations with our specialists are private, safe, respectful and compassionate.

Prices range between an average of $600 for a synthetic wig to an average of $4,000 for a human hair wig.

Our Range

Our Range

Our range of human hair wigs are made with:

  • 100% Remy Human Hair
  • Lace front with light density to create the most natural look and movement
  • The highest quality stretchy hand tied caps
  • A variety of styles, colours and lengths from 6” to 22” 


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Why Tammy Lobato

Specialised service from 40 years experience

Specialised service from 40 years experience

With 40 years of lived experience with alopecia – we understand, empathise and provide quality care

Female owned,female run

Female owned,
female run

Hair loss solutions for women and girls with alopecia, designed and provided for women by women.

Only the best quality wigs and hair pieces

Only the best quality wigs and hair pieces

Our human hair, synthetic and heat resistant wigs and fitting services are second to none

Private and Personal

and Personal

We provide boutique, private and personal consultations with your dignity and wellbeing a priority

Commitment to patient satisfaction

Commitment to patient satisfaction

Our mission is to give you the best tools for you to regain and retain your confidence

Who we help

Usually from alopecia, chemotherapy or genetic hair loss, the majority of clients who wear our human hair wigs have a total or very significant amount of hair loss.

Hair toppers are a popular choice for less severe hair loss.  

Hair loss can be a traumatic and debilitating experience. Total hair loss from disease, or it’s treatment, can often affect one's normality, without alternative hair. 

Our human hair wigs help patients remain private about their journey, by concealing the reality of our disease or treatment. In turn this also allows us to focus on our return to normality.  

Wearing scarves or wraps, while a good option for some, often alert others to what we are going through. Being asked if you are ok, or what type of disease you have, is a reality for many.

Human hair wigs help you say yes to lunch with friends, applying for that job, or being confident enough to go on a date.

  • The highest quality and most realistic wigs and toppers
  • 100% natural remy human hair
  • Natural appearance 
  • Undetectable lace front wigs
  • High standard comfort
  • Style with heat
Who we help
Holistic Client Care & Compassion

Holistic Client Care & Compassion

We are a service based hair loss clinic.

We have;

  • Years of compassionate service and hairloss expertise
  • An expert understanding of patient needs stemming from personal experience
  • Successful track record of thousands of clients who’ve benefited from our many years of expert hair loss guidance
  • the very best solution to your individual hair loss
  • Rebuilt client confidence and the ability to function fully in daily life, and be their very best selves as a result of our realistic hair replacement

We know hair loss - professionally, as well as personally.

Talk to us about your hair replacement needs.

View the difference hair replacement can make

We consult with women going through radiation and chemotherapy, brain surgery, alopecia and a host of other causes of hair loss

We provide our clients with expert knowledge about the best solutions for their individual hair loss needs, that could be as a result of:

  • Total hair loss from chemotherapy
  • Advanced general thinning
  • Advanced Androgenetic Alopecia, Alopecia Areata/Totalis/ Universalis
  • Telogen Effluvium
  • Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia
  • Pattern Baldness
  • Trichotillomania
  • General genetic hair loss
We consult with women going through radiation and chemotherapy, brain surgery, alopecia and a host of other causes of hair loss
Talk to us about your hair replacement needs.

What Our Clients Have to Say

I have suffered from hairloss for many years now. After I had chemotherapy my hair never returned to its original texture and density so I was left with very fine and wispy hair that didn’t even cover my scalp. That led to major depression and isolation for me. I got up the courage to try on a wig with Tammy. I started wearing it, was thankful for the volume and started socialising again. But I was still missing the freedom of not having hair on my head at all times. So Tammy suggested that my lifestyle could be improved by having a bonded topper. I tried it and absolutely loved it, now I have hair on all day and night, I shower with my new hair, I swim with my new hair and now I even go away on girls trips, because I’m not embarrassed by my hair anymore. My topper blends in with my fine hair and I can wear it up or down, curl it or straighten it. I no longer focus on my hair and am no longer sad about my appearance. I am confident now which has made me so happy. And I love going to Tammy’s salon every four to six weeks for my bonded topper service which is actually a bit of a pampering session for me. I then walk out with my fresh clean, styled hair ready to catch up with the girls! Tracey Shannon

Thank you Tracey it is wonderful to hear that you have had such a great and liberating experience with our bonded toppers - they really are life changers and I am so pleased your lifestyle has improved because of them. Thanks so much for sharing this to help others. Tammy x


Tracey Shannon - Thank you note

Tammy is an angel on earth. I can’t recommend the services which Tammy provides highly enough. I was made to feel at ease during my first consultation and felt no pressure or obligation to buy a wig. However I did purchase two and have had nothing but amazing comments from friends and family and most importantly they make me feel like me. In particular my human hair wig, people can’t believe it’s a wig. The service is personal and private in a very welcoming environment. I love that you can come back for a wig wash and style by booking in with one of the hair dressers. Special mention to Patricia who made me feel beautiful with the lovely waves she put through my hair during my last visit. For someone going through chemo and loosing your very long hair, this little outting gives you such a lift as it’s just like going to the salon. Thank you Tammy and see you soon.

Danielle your feedback is so generous - I am forever grateful and so pleased you are doing so well x


Danielle Hill - Thank you note

Thought we would share with you feedback from one of our clients who wears a Bonded Wig. Rachel has been wearing our wigs since she developed complete hairloss from Alopecia a few years ago. What she missed most was not being able to have hair on to go to bed, to shower and to swim. So we decided together that she would be a great candidate for a Bonded Wig - using medical grade adhesive to provide semi permanent hair that stays on 24 hours per day. We think Rachel is a bit happy about it 😉

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my hair bonding. I would highly suggest this to anybody in the same situation as me. I never thought I would get a sense of being back to my normal self with my hairloss but this has made that happen. The ability to sleep and shower in it without taking it off makes me fee like I just have my own hair back and has made me feel much more confident once again. Whoever thought I'd wake up with bed hair again haha or be able to stick it up in a 'mummy bun'. Please tell Elvira a huge thank you from me and thank you to you and Tammy Mc for working with me, listening to me and just being patient! All you ladies are superheroes."

Thank you Rachel for sharing this so that others learn about other options for their hairloss. We are so happy for you. ❤️❤️❤️

Rachel - Thank you note

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