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Client Reviews

We are grateful for the feedback from our valued clients who often selflessly take time away from their treatments and their healing to provide us with their thoughts about their experience with us.  Many thanks x

What our Client Have to Say

I have suffered from hairloss for many years now. After I had chemotherapy my hair never returned to its original texture and density so I was left with very fine and wispy hair that didn’t even cover my scalp. That led to major depression and isolation for me. I got up the courage to try on a wig with Tammy. I started wearing it, was thankful for the volume and started socialising again. But I was still missing the freedom of not having hair on my head at all times. So Tammy suggested that my lifestyle could be improved by having a bonded topper. I tried it and absolutely loved it, now I have hair on all day and night, I shower with my new hair, I swim with my new hair and now I even go away on girls trips, because I’m not embarrassed by my hair anymore. My topper blends in with my fine hair and I can wear it up or down, curl it or straighten it. I no longer focus on my hair and am no longer sad about my appearance. I am confident now which has made me so happy. And I love going to Tammy’s salon every four to six weeks for my bonded topper service which is actually a bit of a pampering session for me. I then walk out with my fresh clean, styled hair ready to catch up with the girls! Tracey Shannon

Thank you Tracey it is wonderful to hear that you have had such a great and liberating experience with our bonded toppers - they really are life changers and I am so pleased your lifestyle has improved because of them. Thanks so much for sharing this to help others. Tammy x


Tracey Shannon - Thank you note

It's hard to find the words to describe how I feel about the team at Tammy Lobato..... They were all such a fantastic support from the moment I met them. Being diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma was such a shock and losing my hair through chemo was awful. Tammy and the team gave me the confidence and ability to be able to continue working, to go to the supermarket and out for social occasions both during and after my treatment. Even the Nurses at Peter Mac couldn't believe it wasn't my real hair! They took the stress out of the maintenance away from me with regular washes and blow drys too. At the worst time, I met the best people and I'm forever grateful.

Cheryl we are all so thankful that you chose us - we understand just how important your wig was to retaining your dignity which actually helped you cope with your chemo journey and continue to participate 'normally'. Your very regular wash and blow drys really helped in keeping your wig so beautifully for the duration of your treatment and post treatment and we all loved having you with us xx


Cheryl Brown - Thank you note

In February 2021 I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. Having had long hair all my adult life I was very anxious about loosing my hair with the upcoming chemotherapy regime that was planned for me. Fortunately my daughter had researched wigs and had suggested Tammy Lobato wigs in Heidelberg. I’m so glad that she found Tammy Lobato. My initial consult at Tammy’s was sympathetic, respectful reassuring and calming - despite it being a hugely traumatic period in my life. Before I began chemotherapy I was able to show Tammy what my hair was before beginning chemo treatment and I’m so glad I did this. Tammy matched my hair to my human hair wig perfectly! Going through chemo was difficult both physically and mentally and I felt that buying a human hair wig that was tailored for me actually made me feel like ‘me’ when I was feeling so unwell. Over the past 18 months I have visited Tammy a number of times to buy further wigs and to also have styling done. I always get alot of compliments about my wig and I always look like and feel like I’ve just been to the hairdresser! Revisiting Tammy’s salons both in Heidelberg & Narre Warren have always been positive experiences for me and coming from regional Victoria Tammy and her staff are always very mindful of travel and do their best to fit me in for appointments. I will always be very grateful to Tammy and her team for offering such a wonderful service at such a difficult stage in my life - Thank you.

Thank you Kerrie for your beautiful feedback, we value it immensely and are so thankful that you did select us for your realistic alternative hair. The team have always enjoyed looking after you and your wigs. We are so pleased that our wigs were able to help with restoring some dignity for you during a very undignified experience. xx

Kerrie from Bendigo - Thank you note

Tammy is an angel on earth. I can’t recommend the services which Tammy provides highly enough. I was made to feel at ease during my first consultation and felt no pressure or obligation to buy a wig. However I did purchase two and have had nothing but amazing comments from friends and family and most importantly they make me feel like me. In particular my human hair wig, people can’t believe it’s a wig. The service is personal and private in a very welcoming environment. I love that you can come back for a wig wash and style by booking in with one of the hair dressers. Special mention to Patricia who made me feel beautiful with the lovely waves she put through my hair during my last visit. For someone going through chemo and loosing your very long hair, this little outting gives you such a lift as it’s just like going to the salon. Thank you Tammy and see you soon.

Danielle your feedback is so generous - I am forever grateful and so pleased you are doing so well x


Danielle Hill - Thank you note

I am undergoing Chemotherapy and decided I wanted to wear a wig to help me feel a little better about myself. Tammy L and Tammy Mc were so helpful, friendly, compassionate and offer ongoing support and advice for wig maintenance. They were very patient with me as I tried on several wigs. I love my new wig and would highly recommend Tammy Lobato to anyone. Thank you so much to both Tammy's.

Thank you very much Joanne for your very generous comments. We highly value your feedback. Thank you x


Joanne Berry - Thank you note

Thought we would share with you feedback from one of our clients who wears a Bonded Wig. Rachel has been wearing our wigs since she developed complete hairloss from Alopecia a few years ago. What she missed most was not being able to have hair on to go to bed, to shower and to swim. So we decided together that she would be a great candidate for a Bonded Wig - using medical grade adhesive to provide semi permanent hair that stays on 24 hours per day. We think Rachel is a bit happy about it 😉

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my hair bonding. I would highly suggest this to anybody in the same situation as me. I never thought I would get a sense of being back to my normal self with my hairloss but this has made that happen. The ability to sleep and shower in it without taking it off makes me fee like I just have my own hair back and has made me feel much more confident once again. Whoever thought I'd wake up with bed hair again haha or be able to stick it up in a 'mummy bun'. Please tell Elvira a huge thank you from me and thank you to you and Tammy Mc for working with me, listening to me and just being patient! All you ladies are superheroes."

Thank you Rachel for sharing this so that others learn about other options for their hairloss. We are so happy for you. ❤️❤️❤️

Rachel - Thank you note

I cannot recommend Tammy Lobato Wigs highly enough.

Tammy is a kind, compassionate person who knows what she is talking about.

I came to her wanting to buy a topper she explained to me it won’t be suitable for me as my hair loss was too great. As I had my heart set on a topper I wasn’t open to considering anything else. So she got a topper and tried to clip it on to my hair, showing me why it won’t work.

She then recommend a wig for me, even though I was sure I didn’t want one. It took a lot of gentle persuasion on her part to convince me buying my first wig was the best way to go for me. During the consultation I never once felt pressured or rushed. She even left me alone with it to talk to my partner about it and feel comfortable wearing it, and took photos so I could show my sister. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble for her. I liked the way I looked so I bought it and now I LOVE it

I will always be grateful to Tammy for her kindness and professional advice

Melinda - Thank you note

I cannot recommend Tammy Lobato Wigs highly enough. They are so caring and understanding and have completely changed my experience with having alopecia. Thanks to their help and support I have so much more confidence, I have had the opportunity to meet other women going through the similar struggles with hair loss, and I now know so much more about alopecia and the options available. The wigs are the best quality I have ever worn, so beautiful and natural and they such a wide range. I feel like they really take the time to get to know you and helped me find the best wig for me - so good that I bought 2! The new location in Heidelberg is both gorgeous and inviting and feels like you just stepped into a luxury salon. I am so happy and grateful to have found Tammy. I only wish I had found her sooner!

Danielle - Thank you note

What I thought was going to be a very emotional and perhaps teary experience turned out to be uplifting and empowering. After losing over half of my hair, husband and I visited Tammy to see what my options were. Tammy was very helpful with not only mine but my husbands 1000 questions, she listened to what I had in mind and ran with it with no judgment, but offing professional advice. The personalised and customised service was extremely impressive.
I strongly believe you get what you pay and in my opinion you can not skimp on something that has the potential to completely make or break your confidence.

Will definately be recommending and returning.
Thank you

Brit-toni - Thank you note

I just wanted to say a huge "thank you" to Tammy for the empowering experience and exceptional support my husband and I received when attending her bespoke salon. Tammy is gentle, caring, understanding and has first hand experience, which are just a few of the traits that make her service exceptional. With great attention to detail, a great ear to listen to and facilitating a purchase within your budget. Tammy was able to help me find what was not only a gorgeous wig, but was able to help me feel better about myself and feeling more comfortable about wearing not just a wig, but my new hair. She ensured that I knew how to care for my wig to get the most out of it and is available for ongoing support…. I wouldn't go anywhere else and I would highly recommend to others to not go anywhere else either… Thanks Tammy xx

Kellie - Thank you note

Tammy is a kind, compassionate person who knows what she is talking about. Her own life experiences influence the business she runs; her wigs are beautiful and with her experience, she is able to match you to the right alternative hair. I will always be grateful for her kindness and professional advice.

Vicki - Thank you note

Yesterday I had an appointment with Tammy and she was amazing, her knowledge and expertise on what can be a very sensitive and confronting situation was fun and enjoyable and her wigs are of the highest quality with so many options

Megan - Thank you note

Tammy cares as soon as you walk in the door and makes sure you are as comfortable as possible. The wigs she has are of highest quality and look amazing!! I felt so good trying the wigs on, and the girls treated me with the utmost respect and understanding.

Lauren - Thank you note

I recently had a bad experience which involved my scalp being burnt and my hair was so badly damaged that I had it shaved off . I was tearful for over a week and I literally hated looking at myself. I came across Tammy’s website on google and then yesterday, Australia Day I went to my appointment and honestly it was the most beautiful experience ever . I felt so comfortable and Tammy was so thoughtful and caring and now I feel so much better about myself . So from the bottom of my heart ❣ thank you Tammy and I’ll see you again real soon xx

Jenni - Thank you note

I went to Tammy's store with my mum. Tammy is a kind and compassionate individual, who is exceptionally good at what she does. It took no time at all to find something that is very similar to my mums natural hair. The right colour wasn't in stock, but no problem, Tammy ordered it on the spot, and will have it sent directly to my mum. Thank you Tammy.

Rachelle - Thank you note

I wish I had found Tammy 5 years ago when I lost all my hair to Alopecia at the age of 60. I had a full head of thick curls and was devastated, my hair was my identity. I was looking for a new look, as I had had the same wig for quite sometime. Walking into Tammy’s shop for the first time, I felt a good vibe and within minutes, knew I had met a lovely lady, who was caring and fully of empathy, as she has had the same condition for 40 years. After spending sometime with Tammy, I decided on a wig that I would probably not have chosen first but I love it and feel so good in this new look. I had my daughter with me on the day, she started crying, as she felt her mum was back again. It has given me a new confidence, walking out in public, it is so comfortable, fit well and feels like real hair. Thank you Tammy.

Terri - Thank you note

It's a brilliant service that you offer, allowing people suffering from hair loss through illness to walk around with confidence. I know that my friend Jodi is extremely grateful. Just wonderful.

Susi - Thank you note

Thankyou Tammy Lobato for your care and support in finding the right wig for me. I have breast cancer and do everything I can to not look like a cancer patient. Your wigs are so comfortable and feel natural. I have had many compliments about my new do! A big thankyou to you for the service you provide. I highly recommend your store to anyone suffering from hair loss through cancer or alopecia.

Jodi - Thank you note

Overall a fantastic experience. Tammy was so nice and patient, and helped make me comfortable with my choice. Recommended to everyone! Will definitely be a returning customer.

Susan - Thank you note

Since being diagnosed with Alopecia Areata 6 months ago, I faced the very real prospect of having to wear a wig, and this was a very daunting realisation. I had been to a few wig shops and found the sales assistants very unsympathetic. As soon as I met Tammy she was wonderful! She took the time to listen to me and what I wanted and I walked out with a beautiful wig that makes me feel confident. Thank you Tammy for your kind and caring nature and I will definitely be back to purchase more quality wigs from you.

Hale - Thank you note

I came in with my mum last year, as we originally thought we would have to go to the city. But the variety and quality meant we didn't need to make the trip.

Although above all, was the service we experienced! My mum felt so comfortable trying on wigs and found the perfect one for her, with expert advice offered. 

It is a very emotional process for many and the lady (I'm sorry I don't recall your name) knew this and treated the experience with such delicacy and compassion.

I would and have highly recommended the store to family and friends.
Thank you!

Cassandra - Thank you note

Finding Tammy and her salon was such a breath of fresh air and a blessing. I have been to several salons in Melbourne, most in prestigious areas, who charge a lot for hair that doesn't even last, service that was terrible and people who didn't understand my concerns. I was so anxious when I first lost my hair and these other salons never had a private room, so I always felt so exposed and left feeling even more anxious as I would see people staring at me, including the staff members. No one understood what I was going through as every person who had sold me a wig had a full head of hair or was wearing hair extensions.

When I read through Tammy's website and saw that she had alopecia herself I knew I would be in good hands with someone who actually understands and can relate. Her salon is very private so I never felt embarrassed or anxious, and her wigs are so real that no one knows I wear a wig. The reaction I get from people when I tell them I'm wearing a wig is always disbelief and shock as that's how real it looks. I have purchased a few wigs from Tammy and will continue to do so, as I know I'm getting quality. Sometimes I forget I'm even wearing a wig because not only is it so comfortable but it looks so real that I think I have my old hair back again. The difference with Tammy is that she actually cares. She understands the emotions we go through and is very compassionate. So instead of walking out feeling anxious, I now walk out of her salon feeling beautiful!

I would recommend anyone that does have hair loss to go see her now, so you can see the difference for yourself.

Alicia - Thank you note
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