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Bonded Toppers for Men

Men's Hair Systems

Men's Hair Systems are adhered to the head by an alternative hair expert. Once applied, the topper can then be cut-in and styled to achieve a totally custom look!

The human hair system (bondable topper) is adhered to the skin if the wearer has total hair loss, but it can also be safely applied to the wearer’s existing biological hair. The application method will vary depending on the person.

Bondable toppers stay on for weeks and allow you to enjoy your life without thinking about your hair. Unlike wigs or clip-in toppers, you can sleep, shower, swim, and exercise in a bondable topper. There are no limitations!

A consultation with our specialists will help you to understand the best solution for your needs.

An average price for Men's Human Hair Toppers is $1,000 for a piece that will last for 3-4 months plus monthly servicing costs.

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Woman giving a haircut to a smiling man with a bonded topper

Our Results

Meet Meiko

Type of Hair Loss: Androgenetic Alopecia (Male Pattern Baldness)

Hair Loss Solution: Bonded topper

Meet Mark

Type of Hair Loss: Androgenetic Alopecia (Male Pattern Baldness)

Hair Loss Solution: Bonded topper

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Thought we would share with you feedback from one of our clients who wears a Bonded Wig. Rachel has been wearing our wigs since she developed complete hairloss from Alopecia a few years ago. What she missed most was not being able to have hair on to go to bed, to shower and to swim. So we decided together that she would be a great candidate for a Bonded Wig - using medical grade adhesive to provide semi permanent hair that stays on 24 hours per day. We think Rachel is a bit happy about it 😉

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my hair bonding. I would highly suggest this to anybody in the same situation as me. I never thought I would get a sense of being back to my normal self with my hairloss but this has made that happen. The ability to sleep and shower in it without taking it off makes me fee like I just have my own hair back and has made me feel much more confident once again. Whoever thought I'd wake up with bed hair again haha or be able to stick it up in a 'mummy bun'. Please tell Elvira a huge thank you from me and thank you to you and Tammy Mc for working with me, listening to me and just being patient! All you ladies are superheroes."

Thank you Rachel for sharing this so that others learn about other options for their hairloss. We are so happy for you. ❤️❤️❤️

Rachel - Thank you note

It's hard to find the words to describe how I feel about the team at Tammy Lobato..... They were all such a fantastic support from the moment I met them. Being diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma was such a shock and losing my hair through chemo was awful. Tammy and the team gave me the confidence and ability to be able to continue working, to go to the supermarket and out for social occasions both during and after my treatment. Even the Nurses at Peter Mac couldn't believe it wasn't my real hair! They took the stress out of the maintenance away from me with regular washes and blow drys too. At the worst time, I met the best people and I'm forever grateful.

Cheryl we are all so thankful that you chose us - we understand just how important your wig was to retaining your dignity which actually helped you cope with your chemo journey and continue to participate 'normally'. Your very regular wash and blow drys really helped in keeping your wig so beautifully for the duration of your treatment and post treatment and we all loved having you with us xx


Cheryl Brown - Thank you note

Tammy is an angel on earth. I can’t recommend the services which Tammy provides highly enough. I was made to feel at ease during my first consultation and felt no pressure or obligation to buy a wig. However I did purchase two and have had nothing but amazing comments from friends and family and most importantly they make me feel like me. In particular my human hair wig, people can’t believe it’s a wig. The service is personal and private in a very welcoming environment. I love that you can come back for a wig wash and style by booking in with one of the hair dressers. Special mention to Patricia who made me feel beautiful with the lovely waves she put through my hair during my last visit. For someone going through chemo and loosing your very long hair, this little outting gives you such a lift as it’s just like going to the salon. Thank you Tammy and see you soon.

Danielle your feedback is so generous - I am forever grateful and so pleased you are doing so well x


Danielle Hill - Thank you note

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