The Alopecia Resource Centre

The Alopecia Resource Centre

About the Alopecia Resource Centre


The Alopecia Resource Centre is a holistic provider of services for people with Alopecia founded by Tammy Lobato from her experience of a lifetime with Alopecia. 

Tammy began her service for people with Alopecia when she created Tammy Lobato Wigs from her desire to provide high quality wigs and compassionate high level service for those with hair loss.

In her consultations with clients, Tammy spends quality time understanding immediate and additional needs in relation to their experience with hair loss. She realised that her clients needed a more holistic service than just the provision of wigs – that her clients need not only the immediate aesthetic solution of a wig but they also require treatment and counselling. They seek qualified specialists to talk with – those who understand Alopecia and its effects, and receive treatment using specialised natural medicine that supports and strengthens the immune system.

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Services we provide at the Alopecia Resource Centre

Holistic & Empathetic Service Delivery

Realistic Wigs | Human Hair Wigs | Synthetic Wigs | High Quality Wigs with Compassionate Service

high quality, realistic wigs and hair pieces for hair loss

Specialised Treatment

delivered by experienced Chinese Medicine practitioners


by psychologists specialising in Alopecia counselling


resources and links for individuals and families living with Alopecia

What is alopecia?

What is alopecia?

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder that results in unpredictable hair loss ranging from patches to complete body hair loss.

Alopecia causes confusion of the functioning of the immune system which results in it attacking the hair follicles.

It affects roughly 2% of the population.

The hair loss can take place rapidly – virtually over a few days or more gradually.

Sometimes, it leads to the complete loss of hair on the scalp (alopecia totalis) or, in extreme cases, the entire body (alopecia universalis), sometimes it remains as patches, sometimes it grows back and in some cases, it doesn’t.

The only thing for certain is that it is unpredictable!

Alopecia Case Studies

Lexie’s Story

Lexie’s Story

Tammy first met her client Lexie when she was 9 years old and requiring a wig when her Alopecia had caused Lexie complete hair loss.

After three years without hair, Lexie’s hair began growing back after using experienced Chinese Medicine.

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