Hair Replacement for Men & Women

Hair Replacement for Men & Women

Did you know there is another solution for hair loss besides wigs and clip-in toppers? Hair Replacement (HR) is available for men and women who want a long-lasting alternative without hair restoration surgery.

A bondable topper is adhered to the head by an alternative hair expert for a secure feel. Once applied, the topper can then be cut-in and styled to achieve a totally custom look!

The topper is adhered to the skin if the wearer has total hair loss, but it can also be safely applied to the wearer’s existing biological hair. The application method will vary depending on the person.

Bondable toppers stay on for weeks and allow you to enjoy your life without thinking about your hair. Unlike wigs or clip-in toppers, you can sleep, shower, swim, and exercise in a bondable topper. There are no limitations!

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