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Hair Toppers for hair thinning ... life changing

‘Karen’, not her real name, has provided me with permission to tell her experience of hair thinning and requested anonymity.

Karen recently attended a consultation with me looking for solutions for her loss of hair.

Her decision to see me was not an easy one, contemplating the visit on and off for around six months.

Once a week or more when her self confidence reached its lowest, she searched the internet for answers. Karen found my website early on and from that discovered the concept of a topper that she then researched further. 

Her hair had always been fairly thin but over the past year it had thinned to such an extent she had resigned from her job, no longer went out with her husband to his work events and no longer caught up with friends in public.

Karen had effectively removed herself from her life.

She so loved getting dressed up for special occasions, always having her hairdresser style her hair before an event, wearing flattering and feminine outfits. Despite her thin hair, courtesy of her mother and grandmother, she was always able to wear it well, attractively and with confidence.

Karen believes the rapid rate of hair thinning over the past year is not only due to genetics but also as a result of a new medication she had been prescribed.

Her hair had not only thinned but now doesn’t even grow.

Her withdrawal from life as she knew it led to a lack of economic independence from ceasing to work that resulted in greater dependence on her husband – which she struggled with as she had always been independent. Karen also became socially isolated, no longer mixing with colleagues and rarely with friends which added to the depression she began experiencing.

Karen’s husband ‘Mark’ felt the ‘loss’ of the Karen he had known and loved for 18 years. He missed spending fun times with her, he was missing his best friend and how they used to laugh together. 

Mark was responsible for bringing her to see me – Karen was apprehensive, nervous, self-conscious and expected the worst from the experience of going to a ‘wig shop’.

When I positioned the first Topper onto the top of her head, covering her almost bald patches and creating additional volume over her whole head, she burst into tears, causing Mark to stand up and bend over her hugging her tight as she sat in front of the mirror. It was as if years of worry, depression and anxiety created from Karen’s hair loss was being released at her relief that there may well be a solution for her hair loss.

Karen and Mark left my boutique that Saturday with a Topper perfectly hiding any semblance of hair loss and integrating seamlessly within Karen’s existing hair – they also left with a weight off their shoulders and even talked about Karen’s reintegration in all the aspects of her life she had removed herself from.

Two weeks later Karen came to see me. She had just been to a job interview! She told me that one week after starting to wear the Topper that she became determined to use her renewed self confidence to resume participating ‘normally’ again. She had also been on a special night out with Mark and had enjoyed a lunch with the girls. It was however the words “This has changed my life” that brought me to tears and reinforced to me the importance and necessity of high quality, realistic hair loss solutions to restore self-confidence and social and economic participation. 

Congratulations Karen! – I’m so pleased for you, Tammy x