Toppers for Thinning Hair & Hairloss

Does thin hair run in the family?  Have you recently had surgery that has resulted in hair loss, perhaps you have had gastric surgery and as the weight comes off, unfortunately so does your hair?  Or maybe your hair thinning is age related?

Whatever the reason for your hair thinning, know that it is much more common that you think! You don't see it because others hide their patches or thinning well - just like you do.  

Approximately one third of our clientele see us for hair thinning.

We know how sensitive and often traumatic hair loss is - we have it ourselves.

We know that hair loss, thinning, patches can change your life - be detrimental to your participation in life.  We have clients who have stopped going out, stopped seeing friends and even have stopped working because they feel so embarrassed by their hair loss and feel there is no solution.

Many clients also feel the need to justify seeking a solution - often saying "I know this is not as important as hairloss experienced by people going through cancer".  The fact is - that it is, just differently - it is so important that their social and economic participation has ceased resulting in emotional, psychological and financial deterioration.

You will be pleased to learn that we have solutions that change people's lives - sounds like a big call, I know - but it is true.