Hairloss Treatment | Natural Treatment for Alopecia & Hair Thinning

Hair Loss Treatment

The Five Major Causes of your Unexplained Hairloss are:

  • Stress
  • Leaky Gut
  • Toxins
  • Diet
  • Infection

Our holistic Hairloss Treatment Program targets nutritional deficiencies, stress and anxiety, gut health and the immune system.

  • Hair Fact is a nutritional program that targets your nutritional deficiencies, gut health and your immune system.
  • Hair treatment gel that strengthens follicle growth and restores any remaining hair.
  • Acupuncture program that targets stress, anxiety, sleeping difficulties, digestion and gut health. 

Our holistic program creates the perfect environment for hair to regrow.

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Hair Fact and Grace Tricho hair loss treatments
Brochure for hair loss treatments