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Toppers for Hair Thinning

Jon Renau Hair Toppers


Top Smart is a one-piece hair topper that blends our signature SmartLace™ lace front with the lightweight comfort of a crown topper. This topper is a great solution for those who are experiencing thinning at the hairline but may not want to wear a wig just yet. 

With 6 strategically placed clips, the 9-inch base clips in comfortably and securely. Designed for the advanced stage of hair loss, this lace front topper also features 3 polyurethane tabs to facilitate the use of adhesive if needed.


  1. Smooth your biological hair back, away from your face, leaving the sides down
  2. Use a little hair spray to help hold the hair back in place
  3. Next, line up the lace front with your hairline
  4. Hold the lace front in place as you attach the clip in the center, located directly behind the lace front
  5. While holding the lace front in place, attach the back center clip
  6. Work your way around and attach the clips on each side
  7. Make sure the topper is flat as possible to the head for a natural, comfortable fit
  8. Readjust any clips as need
  9. Be sure to never pull the lace front!
  10. Blend and style using your paddle brush or wide tooth comb and you’re ready to go!

If you don’t have a sufficient amount of hair to attach the clips to, Top Smart gives you the option to use adhesive if needed! You can do that on the lace front and the polyurethane tabs.


  1.  Remove the front clips using a small, sharp blade or scissors. Be careful not to damage any of the base materials!
  2. Apply a small amount of red liner adhesive to the polyurethane tabs and a small amount of blue liner adhesive to the lace front
  3. Remove the backing from each of the adhesive pieces
  4. Line up the lace front with your hairline, carefully adjusting the placement before pressing down
  5. Once the lace front is where you want it, gently press down for about 10 seconds
  6. Do this to the other adhesive points, keeping the topper base flat and taut to the head
  7. Clip the back 3 clips
  8. Blend and style!

If you are wearing Top Smart in Human Hair, you can also use heat styling tools to create the perfect look! Always heat style your topper and biological hair separately prior to application.

Let us know if you have any questions about this topper! Top Smart is available in both 12” and 18” lengths, in both synthetic fiber and human hair.