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Wigs and Headwear for women going through cancer treatment

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At Tammy Lobato Wigs we have a dedicated consultant for our clients going through cancer treatment.  Tammy McPhee has the experience and empathy needed to help you with the best hair loss solution for you.

Most of our clients talk to us about the lack of knowledge they have around the hairloss they experience as a result of chemotherapy.  A common response is that they haven’t received any information – however that experience is often different if they have been looked after by a breast care nurse, they seem to think of everything!

When I see clients who have just started or about to begin treatment I talk about my experience with cancer, chemo and hair loss.  These are some of the areas we discuss:

  • hairloss begins usually 2 – 4 weeks after your first treatment and it can affect hair all over the body
  • Just before it starts to fall out your head and hair follicles feel quite sore – I called them bruised hair follicles and I recall pressing the palm of my hand onto my hair at the front just to get some relief from the soreness
  • Probably the most important aspect to consider and prepare yourself for is the devastation of losing your hair – I always viewed my hair as important – but didn’t know just how fundamental it is to our everyday functioning
  • Often clients want to talk with me about my experience with wigs, make up, exercise, intimacy, reactions of others.

While I am not a counsellor, our clients value the opportunity to speak to someone going through a similar experience – away from the medical environment.

Of course, while helping clients with their wigs, we speak at length about the hair loss experience.

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Tammy McPhee - Cancer Hair Loss Consultant


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